Hospitality When You Don't Like Having People Over

A friend of mine said this to me a couple of weeks ago…

“Ok, talk to me about biblical hospitality and opening up my home. We love going out to eat with people, but we just don’t love the stress of getting the house cleaned up just to have people over. Do we have to invite people to our home??”

The short answer is not really. The long answer is…well, just keep reading :)

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Excuses don't Excuse us

Our excuses don’t excuse us. No matter how valid our excuse may be, they are not more powerful than the commands of Christ!

Loving well on purpose, aka biblical hospitality, is a mandate from scripture!! Show hospitality. Show it without grumbling. Show it and, who knows, maybe you’ll entertain angels. Show hospitality if you’re busy, tired, drained, swamped, tuckered out, or running on empty.

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