Hospitality and Hurricanes

If you didn’t know, we live in Florida. A hurricane is coming for Florida currently which means there’s a run on water, gas, and bread. [Why bread??? Always bread! I would rather stock up on chips and Oreos personally but I bought an obligatory loaf just in case.] Hurricane Dorian is supposed to knock the East coast pretty heavy but for us on the West coast it likely will just be intense thunderstorms and gusty winds. In either case, as my husband always says, “better safe than dead.” Last night, as part of that preparation, he went to fill my car up with gas and had a conversation with the attendant. That conversation led to me baking cookies this morning and we’ll be delivering them to the gas station employees a little later. 

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Hospitality When You Don't Like Having People Over

A friend of mine said this to me a couple of weeks ago…

“Ok, talk to me about biblical hospitality and opening up my home. We love going out to eat with people, but we just don’t love the stress of getting the house cleaned up just to have people over. Do we have to invite people to our home??”

The short answer is not really. The long answer is…well, just keep reading :)

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Home Away From Home

This week I’m at one of my favorite places in the world. Mapleridge Ranch is located in the Southern Tier of New York. It’s a summer camp located on over 200 acres and even in the summer the weather is just right! Since our friends run the camp, my husband gets asked to be a speaker once a summer usually. We get to stay in the guest house and the schedule is super relaxed. It feels like home away from home. Our friends perfectly balance giving us the space and freedom to relax and including us in all the opportunities camp provides. The guest house is cozy and warm, the coffee is serve yourself anytime, and naps are always supported! It is the essence of hospitality!

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Hospitality and Summertime

If you are a stay-at-home or work-from-home mom, this summer is the perfect time to flex your hospitality muscles by starting with your child’s friends! If you work outside of the home, later nights and weekends still provide plenty of opportunities to lavish love and have some fun!

Here is a list of 6 ways that you can love well this summer:

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