Hospitality in the Tricky Times

For many, Memorial Day is a weekend for boating, burgers, and enjoying the start of summer with only passing acknowledgement of the sacrifice of so many military men and women. For many, Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate their awesome mommas or get adorable handprint crafts from their little ones. These responses aren’t wrong! However, we must remember that not everyone can approach these days with the same sense of celebration. How do we support and encourage those grieving during the month of May?

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Hospitality & the Easter Bunny

While the purpose and meaning of Easter is such a serious, and seriously glorious, thing, there is nothing that says we can’t have a blast, make our kids take pictures with the creepy mall Easter Bunny, and do all the egg-related activities. So I wanted to share with you some ideas that are traditions in our home (outside of attending an Easter service at church). Some are meaningful, some are silly - but the goal is to get us excited for Easter! We love inviting friends over and having them be part of the different traditions each year; such a simple, fun way to practice hospitality!

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Tw-Elf Days of Christmas CHALLENGE

I realize not everyone is up to doing 20 homes and baking lots of goodies. However, I do think that we can all accept the challenge of serving 12 different types of people over the span of the next 25 days! So!!! Here it is….drum roll please!!

The Tw-Elf Days of Christmas Challenge!!!

Who: You!!! Bring along your kids, your dog, or a friend if you want :)

What: Deliver treats to 12 different people, from the groups listed below, this holiday season.

When: Anytime between now and December 25th

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