Let's Be Friends

Connections take effort. Friendships take work. Developing these relationships can be awkward. But, as with many things, the risk is worth it all. But HOW do we start? WHERE do we begin?…Friendships don’t happen overnight. And, unfortunately, sometimes it takes numerous attempts before you find a true friend among the fringe friends. BUT! Just because it may take a while, doesn’t mean the process or attempts are in vain. If nothing else, as we actively seek out friendships, we become bolder and more confident in who we are, and what we have to offer. We learn the things we value in a friendship and we learn how to be more of the type of friend we wish to have.

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Tw-Elf Days of Christmas CHALLENGE

I realize not everyone is up to doing 20 homes and baking lots of goodies. However, I do think that we can all accept the challenge of serving 12 different types of people over the span of the next 25 days! So!!! Here it is….drum roll please!!

The Tw-Elf Days of Christmas Challenge!!!

Who: You!!! Bring along your kids, your dog, or a friend if you want :)

What: Deliver treats to 12 different people, from the groups listed below, this holiday season.

When: Anytime between now and December 25th

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But for real...

It’s easy to think in these less-than-glamorous moments of motherhood that we have little of value to share with others. That’s what the Enemy wants us to think. When we buy into the lie that our family is too chaotic, our schedule is too hectic, our house is too messy, and our kids are too crazy, we miss out on authentic relationships. However, Jesus designed us to live a life of authenticity!

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