Introverted Mama Stays Home

Hello! As an introvert and someone who struggles with social anxiety certain aspects of motherhood prove a little more stressful for me than perhaps other mamas. For the month of August we’re going to get a sneak peek at a *mostly* fictional diary of an introvert mom. It’s not to be taken too seriously and is not true for all introvert mothers (although I think many will relate on some level!). My ultimate hope is that through reading these 4 blogs you will 1) discover you are not alone introverted mama, 2) unearth a new appreciation for the mamas who are not as extroverted as you, and 3) laugh and relate to something that is written along the way regardless of how introverted, extroverted, socially awkward or incredibly cool you are! On to the blog!

It’s 6:01am and my alarm goes off. It’s set for 6:01 for no other reason than my finger slipped too far as I hit “set” 4 years ago and I’ve never taken the time to change it. It drives me nuts, but I never remember to fix it once my day starts. Welcome to the first of my many daily conundrums. 

I get up to use the bathroom and cringe as I flush the toilet. My son’s room shares a wall with our bathroom and I am paranoid of the flush bringing attention to the fact that Mommy’s awake. I sneak into the living and ever-so-delicately open the blinds and sit down to read my Bible and write in my journal. It is about 6:07 and all is quiet. I can easily conquer the list of 34 things on my mental to-do list today! 

6:11am and the ninja toddler is awake. I know this because she waits until she is right behind my chair to make any noise and exclaims, “Mommy! I waked up!” I could send her back to her room, but she won’t fall back asleep and would instead simply scream and cry in her room…which would wake up my son. Actually, he may already be awake but just reading. Regardless, my day as begun. I can still conquer the list of 34 things on my mental to-do list today. 

A mere 20 minutes later and both children are awake, alert and begging for breakfast and TV. The noise level has tripled already and the Keurig can’t heat up fast enough. I feel my energy level diminishing. It’s ok. The iced coffee will perk me right up and I will conquer 30 of the 34 things on my to-do list today. 

Breakfast has been eaten, I’ve gotten dressed and two timeouts have been administered. It feels like it must be lunchtime. It’s 8:35 in the morning. 


I could keep going but let’s just fast forward to 3pm. I have colored, sung, danced, played board games, played pretend tea party, read books, taken the kids to the pool and allowed them to watch TV. The floor has been vacuumed, two loads of laundry folded and put away, and the dishwasher is running. I am the champion. I am also at my breaking point. There has been so much noise and activity that my brain is spent. The children have had “quiet time” and are ready to operate at a noise level that rivals a Boeing 747 taking off inside my house. That hour of quiet was not nearly enough for my introverted soul to recover. The show must go on as they say so let’s do this. We go outside in the 110 degree heat index (yay Florida summers!) and color with sidewalk chalk and blow bubbles. 


I go inside to start fixing dinner around 4:30pm. My children have suddenly decided to swarm me and have deemed the kitchen the most fun place in all of our 1900 square feet home. I answer my 2 year old at least 15 times. “I’m fixing dinner baby.” “Yes Love, I’m cooking food.” “Uh-huh, Mommy is still working on dinner.”I check the clock on the stove; it’s only 4:45pm.

My husband arrives home at 5:42pm. He takes over entertaining while I plate dinner. The little one has decided she wants to get her own water from the refrigerator door. She can’t reach quite yet, but don’t tell her unless you want a meltdown. Fake it ’til you make it is the name of the toddler-parent game. Everything you read online says that studies show eating dinner as a family is important. My introvert-heart disagrees but I attempt anyway. My husband asks my son how his day was. My boy responds with a “it was fine except we didn’t get to go to the park.” He never asked to go the park. It’s been 2 minutes and the toddler is “all-done.” She’s not though. She just doesn’t want to eat at the table. Or eat the macaroni-and-cheese. Or drink milk. Basically she’s “all-done” obeying; she never really started. 


It’s finally the kids’ bedtime. I made it. But now my husband wants to hang out. He sits close to me on the couch. He asks about my day and wants to tell me about his. I just want to play on my phone for 30 minutes and then pour myself into bed at 8:45pm. He’s an extrovert and, although he’s been around people all day, still wants more conversation. I’ve been around little people all day and I want to crawl in a hole. I talk to him and we hang out. It’s 10:30 pm and I have given this day all I can give. I pour myself into bed and unwind by reading for a few minutes. I remind myself that in just a few short years they won’t need me as much and my house will be quieter. I doze off to slumber-land about 10:48pm. In just over 7 hours, I will do this all over again. :::deep breaths:::

****Are you an introvert? What are things YOU find helpful as you parent as an introvert? How can you encourage an introvert mama today? COMMENT BELOW! We need your voice in this community :)