Introverted Mama Goes On Vacation

Vacations sound lovely, and they are quite lovely unless you’re an introverted mama. The memories are beautiful, but the work required to prep, function, and recover from a vacation is a lot of work for any mama. Add to all that work the consistency of social interaction, noise, and often no real place to escape and vacations are exhausting to an introverted mama…


Life has been crazy lately. This vacation is going to be so good for all of us! We’re going to make great memories and there will time to read and rest. We still need a few things for vacation. Looks like I’m going to be running errands with the two kiddos today. This should be fun! Maybe we’ll get sno-cones afterwards as a treat! Yes! That’s a great way to get in the vacation spirit.

Two stores - only 1 of the 8 things I need crossed off the list. Heaven help. Today is going to take forever. At least the kids are being nice. This won’t be so bad. It’ll be worth it all when we’re making memories at the beach. Maybe this next store will have everything I need.

It’s been 3 hours and I have put one kid in timeout, only have 5 of the things off my list and son-cones are definitely more than I can handle today. How do other mom’s ever shop with their kids?? I feel like I just ran 4 marathons!


Whew! We’re here! We made it to our condo! This vacation is going to be great. The flight was stressful, but of course it was; traveling with small children is always intense. This condo is beautiful. It’ll be perfect - sun, sand, memories made! Hey!! Don’t climb the balcony! Come back inside! No, don’t lick the floor! Ugh…I’m going to need a vacation from this vacation. Let’s get out of here and go to the beach!

Towels, toys, sunscreen, swim diapers, snacks, tent, chairs, water bottles. Remember the days of just going to the beach with just a towel and a bottle of sunscreen? Yeah, me neither. I feel like we brought our entire condo down here. Susie keeps trying to get into the snacks…we’ve been down here 5 minutes! Ok, let’s get settled and this will be so fun. 

Susie hates the sand. She refuses to set her feet on it. Maybe she’ll like the ocean. Yep, nope. She hates that too. This will be a long week unless she adjusts. Meanwhile Jake keeps hollering at me to watch him as he jumps the waves. It’s so precious to watch he and his dad laughing and giggling in the water. This is nice. Susie may hate the sand and water but she knows how to sleep under the beach tent! She’s snoozing. Now I can relax. Never mind.. a gaggle of college students decided the spot next to us was the perfect place. It’s hard for me to relax with that music and the volleyball flying around.

Lunchtime. Who ever thought that a picnic on the beach would be nice? Jake started grabbing at food and now there’s so. much. sand. in all the food. Ugh. And the seagulls keep bomb diving us. We survived. Nobody had their eyeballs pecked out and we all have full stomachs. I’m calling it a win. We decide to head back to the condo for naps. Jake and Susie both have a meltdown. Nap time for sure. 

“Quiet time” lasted for 35 minutes. Back to the beach we go! 


We just pulled back in the driveway. We’ve had approximately 3,000 meltdowns, 3 scraped knees, 2 sunburns, on the grownups, not the kids, and we’ve collected more sand than I ever imagined possible in our clothes, condo, etc. It was a lot of fun though! I’m so glad we took this trip. Now to wash and put away all our vacation clothes/luggage. The kid’s schedule is all thrown off and I just want a nap. It’s hard work trying to be “fun” for a whole week! School starts in 3 days. What was I thinking? I still have to buy the last of the school supplies!!! Maybe I can go shopping by myself so I can sort of recover from vacation. If you need me, don’t call me; I’ll return to civilization in a couple days.