Hospitality & the Easter Bunny

Easter is just a few weeks away. Do you go all out for Easter? I was talking with a friend a few weeks ago and she mentioned a concept that I got me thinking. She said a friend told her they grew up believing the Easter Bunny brought them their Easter baskets. My friend, on the other hand, hadn’t ever thought of that and just grew up knowing her parents provided the goodies. What about you? Did you do Easter baskets? Who brought them? Do you have Easter traditions? I think we should!

For Christians, it ought to be the biggest holiday we celebrate - even bigger than Christmas! It is the day we celebrate the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus. See, on Christmas we celebrate Jesus being born into humanity to live among us. However, Easter is when his humanity is stripped away and his sovereignty and power over death and sin is revealed! Jesus’ death and resurrection opened the pathway to a personal relationship with the Holy God - all we have to do is repent and receive that salvation! Hallelujah!!! If that doesn’t pump you up to celebrate Easter with a gusto, I’m not sure what will. But what I love about God/Jesus is that he had fun. Don’t believe me? Check out the stories in the Bible of a knife getting stuck in a super fat guy (Judges 3) or a kid who was literally talked to death (Acts 20:9). A boring, lame God doesn’t put random stories in the Bible to make sure you’re paying attention! Anyway, back to Easter!

My friend Caroline has built her entire platform off the concept of “taking Jesus seriously and not much else.” I LOVE this mantra & I feel like holidays are the perfect time to carry out this idea! While the purpose and meaning of Easter is such a serious, and seriously glorious, thing, there is nothing that says we can’t have a blast, make our kids take pictures with the creepy mall Easter Bunny, and do all the egg-related activities. So I wanted to share with you some ideas that are traditions in our home (outside of attending an Easter service at church). Some are meaningful, some are silly - but the goal is to get us excited for Easter! We love inviting friends over and having them be part of the different traditions each year; such a simple, fun way to practice hospitality!

Ok…here goes! Our 6 Easter Traditions…

  1. Mall Bunny pictures. Are they overpriced? Sure. Is my son always smiling fantastically and my daughter screaming? Yep! Did my son once wear the same exact outfit 2 years in a row and I had no idea until Timehop brought up the picture from the year before? Sure did. Do these pictures have any spiritual significance? Not a bit! DO THEM ANYWAY lol

  2. Easter pancakes. Each year on the day before Easter I make bunny pancakes. There’s a several different ideas on Pinterest. There’s no spiritual value to this tradition either, but I promise there are some coming!

  3. Egg Dyeing. Yes, it will likely be messing and super stressful to you. But its tradition! (Anyone else sing that song from Fiddler on the Roof??) Seriously though. We strip the kids down to their diapers and skivvies, put a plastic tablecloth on the table and go for it. A fun thing I did last year and will likely do again is dying it with Cool Whip! So fun and less smelly than vinegar. Here’s a link to instructions. Invite friends over and have a dyeing party. Do it outside so the mess matters less! I talk about how Jesus’ death & resurrection has the power to change us. Just like the egg was white and easily broken but know is less delicate and brightly colored, 2 Corinthians 5:17 reminds us that we are new creations when we trust in Jesus.

  4. Egg Hunts. Each year we invite a few friends over to do an egg hunt. Some years we do a free-for-all and other years the eggs are color-coded for each person. Sometimes eggs only have candy and sometimes they also have quarters. There’s no right or wrong way to do an egg hunt - and it can be as elaborate or basic as you want. This is a great way to spend some time with fringe friends or neighbors!!

  5. Resurrection Eggs. My mother-in-law bought these last year and they were a hit! I remember my dad doing them with his Sunday School class when I was young. You can create your own or I found them here on Amazon. It’s 12 eggs and each egg has a different small item in it. The items represent some part of the story beginning with Palm Sunday and ending with the empty tomb. Such a great way to get the kids involved in and create a deeper understanding of what we are celebrating!

  6. Resurrection Rolls. What better way is there to celebrate Easter than with carbs!!??!?! But seriously, have you heard of these? Every year I find someone who has never heard of this incredible activity and I’m blown away. We started doing it with my son when he was 2 and it’s quick and fun. We will often make these as part of our egg hunt day so we can include friends in the process. Here’s actual instructions but basically you get crescent rolls or dough which represents the tomb. You take a marshmallow (Jesus) and roll it in butter, cinnamon and sugar (the preservation spices). Then you roll the the dough around the marshmallow so it’s completely sealed. You bake the rolls which represents the 3 days and when you break “tomb” open, “Jesus” has disappeared. It’s a silly, simple way to remember what Christ has done for us, but it’s probably my favorite.

None of these are earth-shattering, and you may already do them! Perhaps you have other fun traditions that you’d love to share with us!! I’d LOVE if you commented below with your Easter traditions. Regardless of how you celebrate this Easter season, I hope that the death, burial, and resurrection is celebrated in your home. Seize the opportunity to love well on purpose. Invite in friends and neighbors & make sure they know just what this holiday is all about!

Happy Early Easter friends!!