Happy Birthday Blog!

Has it really been a whole year since I started this blog?? Has it only been a year?? ha! It’s true though! This precious space of the internet is one year old today! Thank you for being here to celebrate with me!!!! I remember sitting in my car in a shopping center parking lot one year ago and nervously pushing publish on my social media post telling the world about my blog. It felt much like giving birth. Wonder and excitement at this new thing, but also fear and concern if I could keep it alive. But God.

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Hospitality and Hurricanes

If you didn’t know, we live in Florida. A hurricane is coming for Florida currently which means there’s a run on water, gas, and bread. [Why bread??? Always bread! I would rather stock up on chips and Oreos personally but I bought an obligatory loaf just in case.] Hurricane Dorian is supposed to knock the East coast pretty heavy but for us on the West coast it likely will just be intense thunderstorms and gusty winds. In either case, as my husband always says, “better safe than dead.” Last night, as part of that preparation, he went to fill my car up with gas and had a conversation with the attendant. That conversation led to me baking cookies this morning and we’ll be delivering them to the gas station employees a little later. 

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Introverted Mama Does a Girls' Night

We all know just how refreshing a Girls’ Night can be for women, especially mamas! Getting a little fancy, even if it just means a t-shirt sans spit up or crusty stuff, and putting on some lipstick can make us feel human once again!  The struggle for introvert mamas is real in this scenario! While we love, and need, social interaction because motherhood can be isolating, we also crave quiet time and spaces to recharge. The balance is tricky…

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Hospitality When You Don't Like Having People Over

A friend of mine said this to me a couple of weeks ago…

“Ok, talk to me about biblical hospitality and opening up my home. We love going out to eat with people, but we just don’t love the stress of getting the house cleaned up just to have people over. Do we have to invite people to our home??”

The short answer is not really. The long answer is…well, just keep reading :)

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