Bucket Lists & Back to School

Two summers ago my first-born was about to start kindergarten. I was thrilled, and a little anxious, and I thought about how I could make the most of his “last” summer. What I came up with has now become a tradition. A month before school starts I pose the question to my son, “what are things we haven’t done yet this summer that we NEED to do before school starts?” Based off this question, we come up with 3-5 items for our end-of-the-summer bucket list!!

When I asked that question to my newly 5 year old son, I expected a list a mile long. I was dreading trying to squeeze it all in or having to crush his hopes and dreams when we didn’t accomplish it all. Instead, I was blown away. His requests that first year were simple: go to IKEA & go to the pool. (He didn’t want to shop at IKEA - he just loved getting dropped off in the play area for an hour without mom! HA!) Last year, the results for our end of the year bucket list were similar. They included a pool day, a local park and going to our favorite snow cone shop. This year, he’s picking up on the fact that he can request anything; the activities are similar but he’s increased the frequency!


Like I said, I wait until a month before school starts. I do this intentionally. I don’t want the pressure of a to-do list for summer fun weighing on me all summer long. The internet is all about the unwritten (or sometimes written) expectations to do all the things…popsicles, late nights, tons of playdates, swimming, vacations, and all the messy fun. And those are all great things! But if I’m being honest, this summer I’m tired. I, the hospitality writer, don’t want to invite people over. I don’t want to get messy or sunburnt because Instagram tells me to enjoy every moment. I simply don’t have the energy in this season of my life. That will change and soon enough I’ll be back to doing #allthethings. For now, I want to enjoy a slower pace. I don’t want to squander the time though! Motherhood - such the struggle to balance isn’t it!?! So I wait until I have about 4 weeks left. For our family it’s the perfect amount of time to be intentional and finish the summer strong! You are free to start yours whenever your mama heart wants! (You also have permission to not do a bucket list at all! No pressure here folks!)

I’ve created a free download for you in my shop so that you can create your own Summer Bucket List! I’d love to hear from you about what you’ve done this summer and what you put on your bucket list! Share the link with friends and let’s have fun loving our kiddos well!