April Showers & Gift Ideas

April showers bring May flowers. That’s how the saying goes, and it definitely seems true when it comes to wedding/baby showers. I was just talking to a college girl I meet with and she mentioned that she has multiple showers coming up. I remember being in college myself and struggling with what to get that would be nice and not break the bank. So I thought I’d give you a few ideas for some simple gift ideas for wedding & baby showers that won’t cost an arm and a leg, but will show intentionality and thoughtfulness as you celebrate the occasion! Don’t forget to comment and let us know your ideas too!

  1. Muffin Mix & Tin

    Almost every wedding registry will have a muffin tin on it. They’re usually reasonably priced but a definite kitchen staple. Buy this item if you’re on a budget! Add a silicone spatula and a $1 pack or two of the “just add milk” muffin mixes! Automatically you’ve provided them breakfast and a lasting kitchen staple. I have replaced quite a few things in my kitchen over the last 10 years of marriage, but my muffin tins are still going strong!

  2. Trash Can with Cleaning Supplies

    I know this one isn’t glamorous but it’s practical and thoughtful…really!! No one wants to buy a garbage can, even if it’s really cool like my automatic one in my kitchen. BUT! We all need trashcans in our kitchen and bathrooms! Plus, have you bought cleaning supplies? They can add up! So bite the bullet, buy the small trashcan for the bathroom and fill it with a roll of paper towels, some disinfecting wipes, a bottle of glass cleaner and maybe some kitchen soap (Personall I love the way the Mrs. Meyer’s brand of products work). This gift may not draw all the “oohs” and “ahhhh” of a monogramed towel set, but I guarantee they’ll get more use from it!

  3. Large Frame with Print

    Wall Decor can be tricky. Everyone has their own preference. However, beautifully hand-lettered Scripture is always a good addition for any wedding or baby shower. My friend, Krystal Whitten, has GORGEOUS art prints on her site. A couple of my favorites from her for showers include this one, and this one, and this one. You can also go to my shop and buy one of my three prints ;)

    Then buy a nice frame (Home Goods, Target and even Walmart have great options). Wrap the two items together and you’re done. Personal preference, but I like to keep the art packaged the way it came in the mail and not placed inside the frame that way if they don’t like the frame or want to swap it out, they feel a little more freedom. That’s just me though.

  4. Baby Necessities

    I get it! Baby stuff is small and adorable and precious! BUT! The little babies grow like weeds and will never have a chance to wear half of the clothes or bibs they’re given! So I have two options for you.

    One, buy a muslin swaddle (or pack of them). They’re worth every penny and saved my life when my son was little. He was a spitter (after every bottle he’d spit up and not just a little) and he also loved being swaddled. The muslin swaddles were perfect because I could swaddle him even in the summer without him having a heat stroke, or I could wash out the fabric after he spewed and it would dry quick!

    Two, get a cute little basket or bin from Target, HomeGoods, etc and fill it with wipes, lavender baby lotion and gripe water. (Yes, gripe water is like $8-12 which seems crazy. Yes, it is a life saver for everyone! Bye bye hiccups, gas, & crankiness.) These are items that mommas WILL use. Diapers are weird because people have different brands or do cloth diapers or whatnot. However, these essentials will get used every time.

Each of these gifts listed above will cost you between $15-30. I know that can still add up when you’re on a strict budget. Ask a friend or two if you could go in together to get one of the bigger items.

One last thought on this…I remember being given a couple of Publix grocery gift cards as wedding presents. It seemed like an odd gift to receive and yet practical. However, I had no idea how necessary those gift cards would be our first month of marriage. See, through strange events that were not our fault, my husband and I were both released from our jobs (at the same church) just a couple of weeks prior to our wedding. This meant we were both unemployed on our wedding day!! YIKES! God provided minimum wage jobs for each of us, but money was VERY tight for our first several years of marriage. That first month was especially challenging. Had it not been for those grocery gift cards, we would have struggled to even have money for food. All that to say, give what you can. Your love and support is what matters most to a newlywed or new mom. Offer free babysitting or bring a meal to the new mom. Give the newlyweds a gift card to Target for whatever amount you can do. Remember, it’s about loving others well not showing off with a gift!!!

What are YOUR favorite go-to items for showers? What is the best gift you received at a shower? Let me know in the comments!